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Alcon Infiniti

Greater Phaco Efficiency

The unique OZil® Torsional Handpiece is the only phaco device that features side-to-side oscillating ultrasonic movement. The result is a wide range of exceptional benefits during phacoemulsification procedures.

Reduces Repulsion

  • Ultrasonic oscillations cut lens material using a shearing effect
  • Eliminates repulsion associated with traditional ultrasound induced by the jackhammer effect
  • Side-to-side movement increases cutting efficiency by emulsifying lens material with both directions of movement1,2,3,4

Improves Followability

  • Lack of repulsion facilitates occlusion and effective delivery of energy into nuclear fragments
  • Decreases time to remove lens material3,4
  • Improves followability3,5 and decreases dispersion of nuclear fragments during emulsification6
  • Reduces irrigation fluid consumption5 and increases your surgical efficiency
  • Less dependence on excessively high fluidics7,8

Improves Thermal Safety Profile

  • Operates at cooler temperatures than traditional ultrasound9,10,11
  • Allows the use of sealed incisions and continuous torsional modes12

Dr. Mackool Thermal Imaging Comparison

Thermal Imaging Comparison

7.5 sec fully occluded, no flow situation at 100% torsional amplitude and 100% ultrasound power
Dr. Mackool is a paid consultant to Alcon.

Small and Lightweight Handpiece

  • Reduces fatigue using a titanium handpiece weighing only 60 grams
  • Provides surgeons the choice of ultrasonic oscillations, traditional ultrasound, or a combination of the two
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