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Alcon Constelation


Featured Technologies

CONSTELLATION® Vision System: ULTRAVIT® High Speed Vitrectomy Probes

ULTRAVIT® High Speed Vitrectomy Probes

ULTRAVIT® High Speed Vitrectomy Probes deliver 7500 cpm dual pneumatic drive technology in 20, 23, 25+®, and 27+® series. This technology has been designed to optimize your surgical experience and patient outcomes. See Animation

CONSTELLATION® Vision System: Duty Cycle Control

Duty Cycle Control

The CONSTELLATION® Vision System allows the surgeon to modify duty cycle to control flow independent of vacuum and cut rate. The surgeon is given the ability to select 3 different duty cycle options at any given cut rate, Port Biased Open, 50/50, or Port Biased Closed.

CONSTELLATION® Vision System: Integrated Pressurized Infusion

Integrated Pressurized Infusion

The CONSTELLATION® Vision System constantly monitors infusion pressure. The IOP Compensation feature provides control of Infusion Pressure which results in more stable IOP.

CONSTELLATION® Vision System: Illumination


The CONSTELLATION® Vision System delivers state of the art illumination for visualizing tissues. The CONSTELLATION® Illuminator incorporates ENGAUGE® Radio Frequency Identification Device Technology (RFID) to recognize light probe gauge size and automatically adjusts light intensity. The CONSTELLATION® Xenon Illuminator has been designed to provide long-lasting high brightness illumination.

CCONSTELLATION® Vision System: Integrated PUREPOINT® Laser

Integrated PUREPOINT® Laser

Features include voice confirmation, the multi-function foot switch, ENGAUGE® RFID, and dual laser attachment ports.

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